When it comes to planning the perfect Wedding day and being able to afford it without breaking a sweat – sorting out a plan to put aside money each week is essential to maintaining your composure.

The quickest way to balance Wedding money and cost is to go into discovery mode:

  • Start off by collecting quotes from different wedding vendors and find out roughly how much items are going to cost such as the wedding cake, the venue, a band and so on. Once you know how much some of these things are going to cost it will give you an idea of how much you are going to need to save.
  • Once you have a budget in mind, you will find it a lot easier to start making decisions on what you want, what may have been nice but won’t be missed, and how long it is going to take you to comfortably get the money in the bank.
  • Have a look at your banking options – one of the easiest ways to save without interruption is to set up a separate account and trickle money into to it. Plus, depending on your bank, you may find some good fee and interest structures to make your Wedding savings work harder.
  • Think about what you have to hand – or in other words, who do you know that can help. Without realising it, we all know a variety of people doing different jobs and who in turn know other people. Check in with friends and family to find out what your personal connections can bring to the table.

Think both laterally and in detail is the key thing. Gather as much information from the wider market and people you know and then put a plan in place to save. Weddings are notorious for creating post-honeymoon financial stress so treat information as your best friend and you’ll be able to plan for a great day and a great start to your new life.

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