There are a number of online tax filing providers, including the ATO itself.

Filing online can be a cost and time effective way to file your taxes, but if you’ve not filed online before, it can be worth applying some standard rules before jumping in.

Tips for filing online: # Conduct your own search for your provider of choice and read up on the testimonials; the help section etc. You’re looking for a system that will be both comprehensive and easy-to-use.

# Take a close look at their fee structure: is the fee a one-off or is there a schedule of fees depending on the details of tax returns?

# Once you’ve chosen a provider, give them a call and ask about any of the common hurdles users have experienced in the past. Also, ask them to step you through the main stages – i.e. what happens after you’ve pressed SUBMIT.

# Check with the provider that your return will be reviewed by an accountant; ask about their experience and what this service entails.

# Watch the tutorials and read the help section. It may seem like a waste of time, but having a bit of knowledge about the system before starting will make your filing experience a lot easier.

# Once you have all your paperwork ready and to hand, spend some time reviewing it and organising it into sections ready for filing online.

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