Running your own business brings with it a significant amount of mental gymnastics. The pace of change in the business world and the many hats – delegated or handled yourself – can make for sleepless nights and the potential for self-doubt to set in.

While this may seem easier to say than to do, it is vitally important for women running their own business to shed that nagging fear of failure and to celebrate all wins.

The next time you feel a bit nervous when facing a challenge, stop and consider what potential consequences – what is the worst that could actually happen? By identifying the potential negatives, accepting them and working out strategies to deal with the outcome, it is a lot easier to forge ahead with your business.

Sometimes we have to run with outcomes that don’t meet our expectations. But as you would have done time and time before, the key thing is to keep making decisions; keep striving to improve your business; and to keep learning from your experiences. And just as important, to keep celebrating all wins – whatever they are and however big they may be.


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