As most parents would attest, saving for a holiday when you have kids is a whole different ball game. Extra airfares, accommodation, activities are just the starting point. So, let’s turn this holiday into a family project or game for the kids with a couple of thought starters below.

We’re all saving together

Taking a holiday as a family is a special event and one that you can make even more of by involving the kids in the saving plan. As we all know, planning a holiday can often be the most enjoyable bit (odd, but often true) so share the excitement with your kids and get them involved.

Outline the cost of the trip – airfares, accommodation, planned activities you’ll be doing as a family – and then talk through how they can save a little bit (from their allowance or part-time job) to contribute to the trip. Make it exciting by getting them involved in the planning and anticipating the trip away. It will not only help put a little bit extra towards the trip, but also give your children a sense of achievement when you’re taking off on your trip.

The good old change jar

Making a family game out of emptying pockets and bags of loose change and depositing it into the family travel fund (or check out the ms money adopt a pig) achieves two things (1) over time all those coins that may have otherwise been spent on unnecessary small purchases, adds up to a significant sum and (2) your children get to see first-hand how putting even the smallest amount away regularly adds up to a sum that can make a difference.

Perhaps the jar is for certain activities or shopping – give it a focus and make it fun – you will save a little extra money and teach your kids a valuable lesson.

What else could your family do when saving for a holiday?


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