why saving is like dieting and budgets don’t work by susan jackson


In today’s world of easy credit, clever consumer marketing and limited time, managing money is a challenge. Regardless of how much you earn, you always seem to be juggling a lack of cash. Get off the merry-go-round with these all important tools and tactics:

  • Understand the realities of money management – break down the bigger picture and optimise how you structure your money (for the big things and small). The result: calm control over debt, bills and growing your savings or wealth.
  • Take a good look at how you personally deal with money – how we react to money situations is very much an emotional response. Learn about your money behaviour; the good things to do more of and the not so good things to tackle. 
  • Choose a practical strategy that works for you personally – tips and tactics to set your money up in ways that suit your goals, behaviour and lifestyle. It's your money after all.
  • Get debt under control and learn strategies to minimise bad debt in the future – tame the spend devil; retrain wayward credit cards and exercise your money-control muscle without using the word 'sacrifice'.
  • Learn about money and relationships – how to have positive conversations as a couple; understand each other needs and perspectives and map out a path that works for you as individuals and as a partnership.

And more. why saving is like dieting and budgets don't work is the ultimate guide to understanding money, understanding how you personally relate to money and how to put the strategies in place that will help you achieve what you personally want out of life.