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ms money starter pack


Time to give your finances a make over? The ms money Starter Pack gives you all the necessary tools to help with day-to-day money management – and importantly – guidance to plan the financial future you want.

What's included in the ms money Starter Pack? (Check out the individual product pages for more detail)

  • ms money spending diary – to help you track where your cash currently goes; find savings in day-to-day expenses that can add up significantly; prioritise spending your way; and how to create a spending plan that puts you in charge of your money.
  • ms money spending cards – the secret weapon in every financially savvy woman's wallet, these cards help you stay on track with your spending; keep your spending choices and priorities top-of-mind (a smart way to reach goals); and say goodbye to impulse buys, random purchases and buyer's remorse.
  • why saving is like dieting and budgets don’t work – the user friendly and practical guide to managing money in the modern world.   Understand your money behaviour – how to work with your strengths and turn troublesome areas around; gain control over debt and bills; tame the Spend Devil; retrain wayward credit cards; set your money up in ways that work for you; learn about couples and money; exercise your money-muscle without using the word sacrifice… and more.

Smart money decisions start here. The ms money Starter Pack saves you $14.90, down from $59.85 (25% less than purchasing the products listed individually).

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