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ms money spending diary


Does your money seem to disappear? Daily ‘invisible’ purchases – a morning coffee, latest magazine, money for parking, lunch on the run – can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. Gain control over your money with the ms money spending diary – it simply works.

  • Track your spending – all the little costs of the day giving your a complete and clear picture of where your money is going
  • After some time, look through your diary and assess whether you are comfortable with your spending or whether you want to make changes
  • Use the ms money Spending Diary tool to create a new spending plan based on your personal spending decisions and priorities
  • Give yourself the benefit of transparency – as with all things in life, it is only the things we know about that we can choose to change. Take control of your spending in ways that work for you
  • The ms money Spending Diary is compact, with an expanding folder for filing receipts in one cover, and spiral bound so it can be opened out flat.
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