Spend Devil filled in

ms money spending cards


Beware! The ‘Spend Devil’ lives in all of us. She’s responsible for impulse buys, purchases of unneeded sale items, or that new pair of shoes you couldn't resist. Choose the Savvy Spender in you instead with the ms money Spending Cards.

  • It's your money – you choose what you want to spend it on. Jot down your needs and chosen wants on your spending card and pop it in your wallet as a handy reminder the next time the Spend Devil starts whispering in your ear
  • Keep the things that you want to achieve top of mind – in an almost surreal way it helps you achieve your goals and enjoy the path to getting there
  • ms money Spending Cards come in a pack of 20 so that you can update your spending choices as you tick through your list of needs and personal goals.