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MoneyBags is a personal money organiser designed to empower your financial life with essential and easy to use information about your everyday spending. Using age old principles of money management, MoneyBags is simple to use and suitable for almost everyone – no matter what condition your finances are in or the income you earn.

At a Glance
Make financial decisions based on the right information about your money
See clearly where your money goes and where it is needed
Find new and better ways to get more for your money

Spend freely in any area of your life without affecting others
Follow your dreams and see them achieved
Get on top of debt and avoid it in the future

Send your money without fear or guilt
Set aside money so bills are always taken care of
Have more money for fun and pleasure without putting your finances at risk
Take care of future concerns, such as building a nest egg or saving for special goals

Enjoy the feeling of having your money organised
Know you have money for every part of your life
Repair past mistakes such as debts or lost savings