Often the best way to tackle an admin task is to start it and complete in one go.

It also ensures that when it comes time to  filing, you have all needed information to hand and won’t be delayed by missing documents / receipts

Here’s a handy list of what you’ll need to collate: 

Note: not all expense types will be relevant to you.

# Work related expenses – training and development, computer expenses etc

# Vehicle expenses – a log book if you have one or an estimate of the kilometres travelled for work purposes

# Travel expenses – if related to work

# Investment expenses – bank, financial adviser and investment fees or borrowings

# Rental property expenses – rates, depreciation, repairs and maintenance etc

# Cost of tax management – accountants fees, online lodging etc

# Donations to charities.Last year’s tax return

# Documents relating to purchases of shares, property, business

# Private Health insurance details

# Partner/ spouse’s details

# DOB of your children and any Centrelink documentation if relevant

# PAYG summaries

# Government allowances / payments

# Interest earned from banks, building societies

# Dividend statements

# Details of rental property, business or other income.

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