The venue can be one of the most expensive elements of your Big Day. If the usual selection of wedding venues is putting a strain on the budget (and diminishing the chance of other things you want to include on your day), take a look at some lateral thinking on your location choices:

Public spaces and historical sites

Parks and places like the zoo, a gallery, and historic venues may be an option to save money. There are any number of beautiful community parks and historic sites around Australia that may not have the price tag of commercial venues; plus they come with built in beauty or character. But remember, a lot of these options may not be set up for catering etc, so build in the cost of rentals (chairs etc, napkins etc) before you make your choice.

Think alfresco

A lot of venues like wineries or botanic gardens with facilities etc are already show-stopping beautiful, and therefore reduce the need for decorations. Weigh up the cost of venue hire at one of these locations versus another which would need a fair bit of dressing up.

Holiday homes

Stunning holiday homes usually rented out for holiday makers can give you a wedding with a difference as well as cost savings. As it is a special event, the owner may ask more than the usual going rate for the property, but in many cases it will still be less than a commercial venue. Plus, mum and dad will have somewhere to stay…

Get out of the bussle

Everything, on the whole, is more expensive in major city areas. If you live in one of Australia’s big cities, think about holding your wedding in a venue a little out of the way. With enough notice, it can be a nice getaway for your guests and a money saver for you.

One stop location

Rather than doubling the logistics of two venues – one for the ceremony and one for the reception – consider holding both in one spot. Less transport costs and often a more comfortable experience for your guests.

Just a few ideas to get the lateral thinking going. There are many options outside traditional wedding venues to help you save money that can ultimately produce an even better day than imagined.


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