Requests for gadgets and things can feel relentless when your kids reach their teenage years. Targeted by marketing efforts – locally, online and through any media they encounter – they are highly susceptible to the art of persuasion.

But when you can (at the end of a busy day no doubt) you have an option to turn the pleading eyes of your teen into a learning opportunity.

No, you won’t buy it for them. No, but you will help them get it.

Really Mum – how does this plan of yours work?

Teens can be scarily cynical about suggestions uttered by their well-intentioned parents, but use your advantage well… They really want that new iPad Air and the passion of a teenager is something to be behold.

How much do you want it? “I have to have it….”

Well in that case, let’s work out how you can get it.

  • How much do you have saved?
  • Do you need to spend everything you earn at your part time job / what you earn around the house?
  • No, okay, what can you put aside each week?
  • How much does this iPad Air cost?
  • Is that the best price? Have you looked around?
  • Are you willing to do some extra jobs to earn a bit more?
  • What do you think is fair for vacuuming the house? Really? How about we say it’s worth this…
  • So if you have X from your current earnings and you’ll get X from doing a bit more each week, how many weeks is that?
  • Sound reasonable? I think so.

You may want to add some incentives in or a bonus structure if you are impressed by your teen’s attitude to this new regime of getting things. That of course – as a parent – is up to you.

The main thing is that your teen will quickly learn the dynamic between wanting something, working for it and focussing on achieving a goal. And it won’t take long before they are pretty chuffed with themselves for accumulating 10%, 25%, 50% of the total amount needed. Who knows, Apple might have a new must-have gadget out by then, but the point is, they will have exercised their own personal money muscle to be in the position to purchase.

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