You know, it’s not that you wait for a guy to come along, and then all things money will be rosy. It’s just that often we fall into the trap of thinking the guy has to come along first before we do any of those grown up money things like buying a house, investing, planning for the future etc.”

Monique is 35 this year, is self-employed after earning good money over the years in the corporate sector, and as she coyly admits, she doesn’t have a lot to her name.

“It took me a while to realise this is what I was doing. It’s not like I am waiting for, or need, a white knight to ride up in his flash car and say hey babe, I’m here to support you. Heaven forbid. But I have been subconsciously putting it in that order: find bloke then get financially sorted and buy the house etc.”

“I’m 35 this year and while I have a nice little business going I have never sat down and worked out what I personally want to do with my money, or even thought I should look at doing some of the big ticket shopping – like buying a house – on my own.”

“Now my eyes are open, I know that is exactly what I need to start thinking about – whether it is property, the share market or something else – I need to start thinking about my own personal financial future, regardless of my relationship status. He’ll come along (even if he seems to be the proverbial needle in the haystack), but I don’t need to wait for that day.”

Not an uncommon story according to Susan Jackson, founder of ms money.

“It’s not that we plan to wait for Mr Right in order to get serious about our finances, it’s just that for many of us we are conditioned to think that is the natural order of things. But as we all know rationally, establishing a solid financial base for yourself is important whether you do it independently or with a partner.”


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