Sometimes even the best planners can end up with a holiday hang-over. Months have been spent planning for the holiday and diligently putting money away to cover the expense with no stress, only to come apart at the seams with enjoyable, but unplanned for, holiday expenditure.

No one wants to be a Gringe on holiday – that’s the whole point isn’t it; to forget about the pressures of everyday life and just relax. But it is all too easy for holiday environments and the accompanying “she’ll be right” mindset to make for a rough landing back home.

The trick is to enjoy your break on your terms – decide upfront what you want to spend; research and be realistic; break it down by day; and then stick to it. Here are a few things to consider:

The daily budget

Get into the detail of your holiday budget. It’s common to have three main budget lines for the holiday – flights, accommodation and spending money. However, the third one – spending money – could really be divided into a few sections, for example: attractions and excursions; eating out; sundries; gifts or shopping and slush fund.

Doing some pre-holiday research on what you want to do while away; shopping; eating out (at various levels); local costs for the basics etc, will give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost to get what you want out of your break. It will also make it really clear how much you may have to play with each day for the lazy cocktail by the pool; a trip to the gift shop etc.

Day-to-day purchases on holiday

It’s easy to forget that we need to add equivalent spending for a few of the usual day-to-day expenses while away. Perhaps it’s nappies; internet access; or maybe you’ve decided to buy a few food items locally to keep the cost of eating out low.

Many holiday makers on turning up to the local supermarket for a few staples (depending on the destination) get a bit of a shock when realising the local cost compared to prices back home. Before you head away, jump online and do a bit of research about local prices and where they are available for the basics you plan to purchase when on holiday.

Pay at the time – or daily

The dreaded Room bill – if left unchecked – often starts to play on the minds of holiday makers as the departure date nears. And it can often be a fair bit more than the hasty calculations of a dinner here and a drink there when checking out. One of the easiest ways to avoid a shock at the counter and to keep track of holiday spending is to pay for things as you go, or to pay the room charges regularly – every day or so.

Taking a break is solely about having a great time and stepping back from life for a while. A few basic calculations and a bit of research means you can have a great holiday on your terms, without adding extra pressure when returning home.


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