The alter ego of financial planner Susan Jackson, ms money™ is a trusted source of guidance on how to achieve the financial future you want. Far from preaching abstinence from buying new shoes, coffees, or lunch with the girls, she will help you to learn the basics, find the strategies that suit you, and accessorise with a range of money tools designed by women for women.

why ms money As a licensed financial planner, author, regular speaker and owner of the Women’s Financial Network, Susan has been providing financial advice to women for over 20 years. She strongly believes the financial services industry needs to rethink its approach to women.

female-friendly advice for women Susan believes that it’s time to develop money strategies and initiatives that approach money from a women’s perspective. Most women would love to be financially independent, but don’t know where to start, don’t have a lot of time or don’t think they earn enough to get ahead. “I have seen the positive results when women have access to money advice that is not only female-friendly, but also helps them feel more confident and empowered about their finances.”

a one-stop shop Working one-on-one with clients is often the best option, but it’s not always possible. Susan wanted to create a place where women can access useful advice, hints and tips that they can implement easily into their lives. Women do most of the shopping, so why not make learning money more like a (familiar) shopping experience? In designing money ‘accessories’ we give women tangible tools that help then connect with their money.