Women and Money Seminars 2013 (Victoria)

Independent and practical financial innformation for all women - the best $10 you’ll spend between 30 July an 20 November this year.

tactics for tricky money moments

Money certainly can be the subject of some awkward situations - even with (and often more so) those closest to us. We have a look at some of the common tricky money moments and make a few suggestions on how to handle them with style.

lending a hand? saying no without guilt; saying yes on your terms…

Personal lending between friends and family can be fraught with pitfalls. Particularly for those who find it hard saying no even when loaning the money puts pressure on their own bank balance.

handling the not-so-friendly money habits of…friends

Just like our personalities, the way we handle money and the rules we have around it can vary significantly. Navigating different money behaviours, especially with friends can be tricky, so we’ve pulled together some tactics to help you out.

are you ms mission?

No doubt, we’re still enjoying hitting the malls and clicking online – as we should - but over the last year, we’ve noticed more of a mission mentality and game plan. Here are some of the key strategies we’ve picked up on.

smart shopping with retail apps

The age of the Retail App has well and truly landed with brands like Woolworths, Coles, Westfield and others quickly getting to market with smart phone applications designed to grab your attention, often at the right place and time. The smart phone – cousin to the internet – looks set to be a key tool used by the high street to battle increasing competition and online shopping.

paint a picture you’ll love sticking to

When you imagine your future, what does it look like? Have you stood back and thrown plenty of colour at it? Dreaming big - however your define that - is the first step to achieving what you want out of life. Do a little dreaming with ms money today..

heeding the hard-wiring

Planning and reaching your goals is not just about dollars and cents. It’s also about recognising certain things we can do unwittingly, that ultimately sabotage our goals. Generally speaking there are a few tendencies that women are hard-wired with - i.e. neural driven behaviours - that can have a negative impact on our money management.

make your money matter

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